Our feed

Feed & Care @ TARA Farms

At Tara Pig Farms, We raise healthier and more productive pigs simply through respecting their welfare and behavioral needs and the positive power of nature. Our standard feed is made up of dry elements and wet elements. The dry elements consist mainly of green agri - products of our own Tara Agri farm. Making up our own pig feed significantly saves lots money and allows us to add much needed fiber and bulk to the feed.

At Tara Farms , We follow a philosophy of building and supporting the natural processes of life cycle and breeding. These cycles are all interconnected from microbial life in the soil to grasses to the animals that use and support that grass and more. We use absolutely no hormones or chemicals of any kind in the raising of our animals. With stressfree and a healthy lifestyle they are always healthy.

The common feed includes
  • Roots
  • Fleshy fruits
  • Green parts of plants
  • Forest fruits (mostly nuts)
  • Corn (stolen from fields)
  • Humus (soil)
  • mushrooms

Proper and timely medication and vaccination is done under the advise of experts veternarian from renowned GB Pant University , Pantnagar. Visits by expert doctors are made time to time at the farms

Tara Farms aims to achieve high health status the animal by taking "biosecurity" precautions. At TARA FARMS, we ensure tha proper vaccination and hygienic conditions are maintained at every point. The farm is scientifically built to ensure proper ventilation and separate feeding areas pens are made for the breed. The farms has been designed with Proper drainage and waste managemnt.

Different stages @ Farm :