Our Breed

Tara Farms exclusively has a breed of Yorkshire. Yorkshires are white in color and have erect ears. They are the most recorded breed of swine in the United States and in Canada. They are found in almost every state, with the highest populations being in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska and Ohio. The modern Yorkshire is very muscular, with a high proportion of lean meat and low backfat, in addition to being very sound and durable.

Yorkshire, also called Large White, breed of swine produced in the 18th century by crossing the large indigenous white pig of North England with the smaller, fatter, white Chinese pig. The well-fleshed Yorkshire is solid white with erect ears. Although originally a bacon breed, the Yorkshire rose to prominence in the lean-meat category during the 20th century in the United States. The boar is used considerably as a sire of crossbred litters out of coloured dams. The Yorkshire is probably the most widely distributed breed of pig in the world.

At Tara Farms , We follow a philosophy of building and supporting the natural processes of life cycle and breeding. These cycles are all interconnected from microbial life in the soil to grasses to the animals that use and support that grass and more. We use absolutely no hormones or chemicals of any kind in the raising of our animals. With stressfree and a healthy lifestyle they are always healthy.