About us

Welcome to TARA Farms, located near Kaldhungi, a town in Nainital District of Uttarakhand. TARA Farms is spread over 5 acres land housing more than 100 large white Yorkshire pigs.

A dedication and brainchild of a Doctor by profession, TARA Pig Farms was started with the intent of supplying high quality pork at affordable prices to all segments of the Indian society. Our farm has been Self - designed by a in- house team , keeping in mind various aspects for healthy pork production. These aspects include the environment, timely vaccination, on site welfare of animals, in house vet, trained staff and an involved group of management staff. All the maintenance of the farm has a set of standards so as to give best results.

At Tara Farm, we believe in the positive power of nature to provide a healthy environment for raising pigs. Our farm is open sided allowing the pigs to experience real weather conditions from a sheltered environment. Sunlight, blue sky, cooling breezes and views of the natural sorroundings and the activity taking place in it. Pigs get to breathe fresh air and the health benefits exposure to the natural world brings.

A suitable climate, the correct type of ground surface and location and well-trained motivated farm men make TARA PiG Farms, one of the best Farms in the area.

Our Care:

To achieve high health status of any PIG farms access of people and animals on to pig farms must be restricted to ensure that animals are kept healthy. These restrictions are known as "biosecurity" precautions At TARA FARMS, we ensure tha proper vaccination and hygienic conditions are maintained at every point. The farm is scientifically built to ensure proper ventilation and separate feeding areas pens are made for the breed. The farms has been designed with Proper drainage and waste managemnt. Visits by expert doctors are made time to time at the farms