• Nainital

Welcome to Tara Farms... Kumaon Hills Nainital, Uttarakhand ( India )


Welcome to TARA Farms, located near Kaldhungi, a town in Nainital District of Uttarakhand. TARA Farms is spread on over Sq Feet land housing more than 100 large white Yorkshire pigs.

A dedication and brainchild of a Doctor by profession, TARA Pig Farms was started with the intent of supplying high quality pork at affordable prices to all segments of the Indian society. Our farm has been Self - designed by a in- house team , keeping in mind various aspects for healthy pork production. These aspects include the environment, timely vaccination, on site welfare of animals, in house vet, trained staff and an involved group of management staff. All the maintenance of the farm has a set of standards so as to give best results.

Economic Value of a PIG:

According to recent studies of changing scenario of Animal Husbandry and Meat Industry in India, Pig farming with a profit of 60% topped all other types of subsidiary occupations like dairying (10%), poultry (30%) and sheep rearing which is at 22%. The total world consumption of meat is estimated to be of the order of 240 million tons per annum and India's share of consumption is only 2.2%. With the introduction of new techniques for rearing and breeding of Pigs and appreciative & encouraging Government Schemes. Farmers and keen people are now attracted to Pig farming,because of its low starting cost and decent earnings at the same time. Moreover, not only traditional farmers, young generations from all over country trying their hands in different areas of animal Husbandry and most of those the popular one is PIG BREEDING FARMS. Rising per capita income, growing urbanization and unfolding globalization are boosting the demand of high value commodities including meat. Due to these changes in recent past, a rapid shift has taken place in the dietary habits in favour of non vegetarian diet. As a result demand for pork has swiftly increased and the domestic market price for pork has risen from Rs. 30-40 kg to 90-140 per kg over last five years. With gradual replacement of societal and religious taboos, the pig rearing by using scientific management practices is becoming popular across all social strata finding this comparatively more earning enterprise. At TARA Pig Farms, it is our Endeavour to provide Best Breed of Pigs at affordable prices to all segments of the Indian society.